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The Annual TBTN March and Speakout occurs the third Thursday of every April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  The march begins with a rally outside Barnard Hall and continues throughout the Morningside Heights neighborhood, past prominent campus and neighborhood locations (such as President Bollinger's house and frat row). The march lasts about an hour and is followed by a speakout, which provides a place for survivors, co-survivors, and allies to speak anonymously about their experiences. The speakout often lasts until the early morning hours, when everyone who wants to speak has had the opportunity to participate.



Take Back the Day
Take Back the Night
Take Back our Bodies
Take Up the Fight!
We march because we should be able to wear whatever we want.
We march because men are survivors too.
We march because domestic violence is a problem in all communities.
We march because family and friends share the pain.
We march because no one should have to be afraid.
Tonight is a night of survival in the most active sense of the word.
Tonight is a night of unity.
With rage we march and with strength we speak.


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